Kefalonia is a large island with many beautiful and contrasting places that fascinate the visitor.

Under its imposing Mount Aenos with its unique pine trees, the enchanting shores of the island stretch out with golden sandy beaches that are unforgettable to those who visit them.

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The dense road network designed at the time of the British rule allows the traveler to get to know the island. The variety and interchange of the scenery, with its lush vegetation and wild beauty, impresses the visitor.

The towns and villages came alive again following the disastrous earthquake of 1953 that had raged everything to the ground. At its northernmost part, the older settlements withstood the fury of the earthquake, therefore the past is joined with the present. Buildings of rare architecture show the beauty of another era.

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In order to discover all these strange and beautiful spots, one should know which places to visit, where to taste delicious Kefalonian food, where to be entertained and what to buy from the beautiful shops of the island.


Of course, you should start your trip of the beautiful island of Kefalonia from its capital city, Argostoli. It is located in the centre of the southern part of the island at the far end of the bay with the same name. It was destroyed completely by the 1953 earthquake along with its old mansions and majestic bell-towers.

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