Poros is located in the south east of Kefalonia. It is the biggest district of the new Elios-Pronnoi municipality. The landscape in the Pronnoi region is dominated by cypress trees, evergreens, oaks, orchards, streams, natural fountains and ravines surrounded by softly wooded hills covered with colorful bushes and aromatic herbs, that lead to the white pebble beaches of the Poros area. The town has been built at the foot of the mountains of Pahni and Atros. It is an attractive resort which has a loyal following of holiday makers who revisit annually. Not only does it appeal to the British market but it also attracts Greek, Italian and northern European tourists giving it a pleasantly cosmopolitan feeling. In the summer, Poros also attracts a number of visitors who arrive in private yachts. It was the first part of the island to be unwrapped by tourists, when a cruise ship started to dock around the early eighties. Since then, it has been overtaken by neighbouring Skala with the amount of tourists.

Poros is a working port and harbour village as well as a resort. With an attractive harbour, and two beaches, one a small pebble beach just in front of the square and the other along the coast, with a long pebbled beach on both sides. You are spoilt for choice, whether to relax in a tavern and watch the world go by on the water or lay out on the beach. There is a selection of shops to browse, a variety of friendly bars, and cafes in the village square, as well as the facilities which line the waterfront. You will also find a bank and all the other tourist amenities. Nightlife here is low key, it’s all about a good meal and a relaxing drink in a bar, and if you are feeling energetic then stretch your legs with a stroll along the promenade.

Poros is almost divided into in three parts: there is the port area, the beachfront and the village square and they all provide accommodation of all sorts. There are apartments which seem to snuggle into the hillside, and around the picturesque small harbor, rooms reward you with a fantastic sea view.It is easy to miss the best part of Poros. If you enter Poros via the gorge road, you will need to turn left once on the waterfront and you will see the port to your right. The main beach Aragia: Most commonly known as Ragia is a good size and kept very clean and is situated to the north of the town across a metal pontoon bridge that spans the dry bed. There are taverns and bars all along with boat hire and sun beds available. Even in high summer it feels spacious. Pretty flowering shrubs and trees line the beach and you may park on the long straight beachside road. The crystal clear waters of Poros allow you to see the seabed which displays a rainbow of colours.

The area is renowned for its apartment blocks and taverns that neatly line the promenade, giving the sea front a retro look. Sadly there are no old buildings as such in the village due to the catastrophic 1953 earthquake, when the small community of fishing cottages was destroyed. Since then people have built new homes and buildings in the town we know today; these structures have been built to withstand stronger tremors.

The port is an important link between Kefalonia and mainland Greece and the main port road can sometimes be busy with cars using the ferries. These ferries leave from Poros to Killini on the mainland, as well as various other destinations. This is the major port of southern Kefalonia. The local area around Poros is ideal for exploring, and  if you enjoy walking there is a coastal walk which follows a path around to the neighbouring resort of Skala.

The breathtaking Poros gorge, also called the ‘Arakli gap’ is a 80-metre deep rugged, beautiful craggy ravine, and until the mid-nineties when the new coast road was cut through to Skala it was the only main route out of Poros. Local legend has it that the gorge was carved out by Hercules , the hollows being footprints of the huge supernatural feet of the hero when he stood on, and leveled, this part of the mountain.

High above the town is the old Poros road; known as the top road, this is mostly rubble and loose stone but it is passable in a motor vehicle. If you are a little adventurous you can use this road today. It passes through tiny traditional old villages and snakes its way down to Poros. You must persevere with the route as there are times you may think you have taken a wrong turn as the tracks do appear to dissolve into one another. The surrounding area of Poros is dramatically beautiful with high proud mountains and wonderful greenery. If you wish to see Poros in all its glory visit the Atros Monastery which is dedicated to the virgin Mary’s birth and is the oldest on Kefalonia. It stands on Mount Atros way above the town, almost in the clouds, 760 meters above sea level. Here you will be able to wander the grounds of the old and new monastery. The trip up to the top will take half an hour or so by car, because you need to travel slowly as it is a steep loose surfaced winding stone track with sheer drops. Please do not let the climb to the summit deprive you of the fantastic and unique view of Poros.

Poros is considered as the most important market town on the island. It has been built on a long narrow strip along the coast bound on each ends by two estuaries, the Vohina, the Homeric Reithro, and the remains of the ancient Pronnean port. In older days Poros was the most important port in the whole area and the old town Pronoi. Situated on the mountain above Poros you can see remains of ancient walls. There is plenty to see near Poros including the Tzanata tombs, Mount Enos National Park and nearby villages of Tzanata, Asprogerakas, Kabitsata and Riza. As with most locations car hire is something to be considered to make the most of your stay.