Argostoli the capital of Kefalonia situated on a peninsula is a busy working port with ferries, private yachts and freight ships coming and going all year round. If you need to buy something this is where you will find it amongst the cosmopolitan pedestrian shopping streets, supermarkets, special shops and all kinds of other businesses. This is where all the main business is done throughout the year especially when the winter comes and the island almost goes into hibernation! Argostoli still lives on.

As with many waterfront towns, there is a hive of activity all along it with taverns, restaurants, shops and an excellent fresh fruit and vegetable market open every-day. A series of earthquakes in 1953 flattened Argostoli and the town was rebuilt, following the original street layout, creating a very charming capital. Whether exploring, shopping or having a cold beer by the harbour's edge, Argostoli is alive and vibrant.

There are several high quality hotels in Argostoli, as well as studios and apartments.

Some of the finest hotels and restaurants are located at the Main square and close to it, as well as a lot of the nightlife. Do explore the side streets just off the square, where you'll find noteworthy restaurants such as casa Grec restaurant.
The Ionian Plaza hotel is where the cast and crew of Captain Corelli's Mandolin stayed while filming. In the evening, you can see for yourself that this area is a good place to sample the cuisine in the many restaurants.

The main nightclub in Argostoli is Bass music club near the square but there are also a lot of good music bars with dancing at and around the square such as White, Sapin Noir, Platanos, Polo and Baroque. There is something for everyone here, and don't worry if you're not staying in Argostoli because most tour operators run excursions day and night, there is a limited public bus service and taxis are plentiful.

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